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Top 10 MUA’s for Bridal Makeup


Top 10 MUA’s for Bridal Makeup


Hey there pretty brides! Big day coming up? Too overwhelmed which Makeup Artist to choose? We at Fashion Live have gathered the list of best Bridal MUA’s for you. We understand how important a good makeup artist is for you. Do you want that binged up dramatic look or you want to be a simple bride with a subtle look? So here goes the list. Hope you find your perfect match!

N-PRO Nabila’s:

Nabila is one of the top makeup artists in Pakistan’s Fashion Industry. Her team at N-Pro is very professional and does phenomenal bridal makeup and hairstyling. She has a diverse experience in celebrity and bridal makeup, making her stand out in the entire industry. At Nabila’s Bushra is a gem that you can’t afford to miss.

Facebook Link:

Bridal Package: It ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 depending upon the stylist you select.

Party Makeup: ranges between Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 15000/-

Natasha Salon:

When it comes to giving dramatic glittery eye look and a perfect hair-do, Natasha might be one of the best options to pursue. Natasha gives an overall unmatchable glowy look, while Sabrina is a magician with bridal hairdos.


Bridal Package (Natasha and Hina): Rs. 66,000/-

Bridal Package (Natasha only): Rs. 77,000/-

Party Makeup: Rs. 27,500/-

Saba ansari (SABS):

Saba Ansari has earned her position by working on top notch projects which left everyone in awe. She has her own technique of dolling up brides. No wonder she knows what she is doing and the outcome is always amazing.


Bridal Makeup by Saba: Rs. 50,000/-

Valima Makeup by Saba: Rs. 40,000/-

Engagement Makeup by Saba: Rs. 35,000/-

Bridal Makeup: Rs. 30,000/-

Valima Makeup: Rs. 25,000/-

Bridal Makeup by Junior Artist: Rs. 25,000/-

Valima Makeup by Junior Artist: Rs. 20,000/-

Engagement Makeup: Rs. 20,000/-

Party Makeup: Rs. 10,000/-

Mehndi/Mayun Makeup:  Rs. 15,000/-


Anam is a well-known MUA who started the trend of glitzy bridal makeup along with detailed contouring. Her signature tanned look pairs perfectly with our traditional lehangas and ghararas.


Bridal Package without services by ANAM: Rs. 30,000/-

Senior Artist w/o services – Rs. 19,000/-

Bridal Package with services by ANAM: Rs. 38,000/-

Senior Artist with services – Rs. 28,000/-

Party Makeup by ANAM: Rs. 12,000/-

Senior Artist – Rs. 10,000/-

Ireen Khan:

After having hardcore experience at Sabs, Ireen has now launched her own salon.  Ireen is a personal favorite as the look she gives is very subtle and customized to enhance your features. Ireen is on the go if you want a MUA to fit your pocket.


No Staff does Bridal Makeup

Bridal Packages: Rs. 25,000/-

Party Makeup by Staff: Rs. 6,000/-

Ireen doesn’t do party makeup.

Bina Khan:

A big shout out to all Bina Khan’s brides out there! Go through her page and you won’t need a second option. If you have long photo shoots lined up, Bina khan is the best choice. Her makeup stays long and looks great in pictures.

Facebook Link:

Bridal Package: Rs. 57500/-

Book two or more events then the bridal services are free, if you book only one event then you get 25% discount on the bridal services.

Engagement/Evening Makeup by Bina Khan: Rs. 35,000/-

Eye Makeup – Rs. 5000/-

Makeup by Junior Artist: Rs. 10,000/-


If you want to have a very refined and to the point look on your big day, then Shamain is the place to go. Her brides look exceptionally elegant and is the best for brides who want to look phenomenal yet simple.


Bridal Makeup by Shamain: Rs. 65,000/-

Services – Rs. 7000/-

Engagement Makeup – Rs. 45,000/-

Party Makeup – Rs. 30,000/-


ALLENORA (Aliya Tipu):

Aliya Tipu is also one of the most renowned and fine makeup artists. She is well known for giving a Lebanese and Arabic touch to her brides. Besides dolling up brides, she is also very popular for her commercial makeup.

Facebook Link:

Bridal Package without services by Aliya: Rs. 45,000/-

Bridal Package with services by Aliya: Rs. 50,000/-

Bridal Package by Assistant without services: Rs. 25,000/-

Bridal Package by Assistant with services: Rs. 3,000/-

Party Makeup by Aliya: Rs. 20,000/- (Heavy Makeup)

Party Makeup by Aliya: Rs. 15,000/- (Light Makeup)

Party Makeup by Assistant: Rs. 10,000/- (Heavy Makeup)

Party Makeup by Assistant: Rs. 8,000/- (Light Makeup)

FURQAN’s Makeup and Hair Studio:

It doesn’t get better than getting your bridal makeup done from one of Pakistan’s most renowned makeup artists. Getting a signature look by Furqan’s makeup studio is to die for. His concept of designer hairstyle is something you really need on your big day.

Facebook Link:

Basic Bridal Package by Aliya: Rs. 40,000/-

Signature Bridal Package by Furqan: Rs. 50,000/-

Party Makeup by Furqan: Rs. 15,000/-

Akif Ilyas:

Akif Ilyas is one of the well established names in the fashion industry. He is renowned for his fashion photography and makeup. But in a span of few years, he has become famous for bridal makeup also. He has a diverse portfolio when it comes to unique kind of makeovers.

Facebook Link:

Bridal Package by Akif Ilyas: Rs. 45,000/-

Bridal Package by Shariq Ilyas: Rs. 35,000/-

Party Makeup by Akif Ilyas: Rs. 15,000/-

Party Makeup by Shariq Ilyas: Rs. 10,000/-

Based on the personal experience of our valued members of Fashion Live we can vouch for the work of mentioned salons. Hope you choose the best one for your big day! Good luck!

Last Updated: March 16th 2017


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