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Some Words From My Diary

Have you ever heard about the quote by Kevin Kruse, “Life is about making an impact, not making an income”?

So I’ve been thinking about this quote and my life that I have been spending all this time. Is it really making an impact on anyone’s life? Probably I am making an impact on my parents, siblings, husband or my two year old son. But, have I really done something that is worth mentioning other than having a Master’s degree from a foreign university and a full time job before marriage, this is what every woman in our country does! It’s nothing new. At some point in our lives we all think that what have I actually done to achieve success in my life rather than just earning money?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, how many of you actually love the job that you are doing; be it in a multinational firm or a local company and let’s not forget about our well qualified housewives, who have literally stopped living their life after marriage and are just hooked up to their husbands and kids. Is this what we women deserve after the hard work that we have done throughout our lives?

Actually this is the story of my life and surely many of you will be able to relate to this. There comes a time in your life when you start thinking “What is the purpose of my life?” (Other than religious beliefs).  Will I be ever able to start my career again? Can’t I just be famous like other people? Every day when I open my Facebook, I see people gaining recognition for their work, people travelling for work purposes and I really love watching that because it makes me happy that at least they have their own individuality.

It does not matter if we are unable to work due to our responsibilities, if we have a passion to achieve something in life, then women can do wonders and thanks to the social media, we can easily start something of our own. So ladies, this might be the turning point of our lives. Let’s take out at least one hour from our super busy lives and spend it on the things we love to do.

Let’s learn something new.

Be it learning makeup, different hairstyles, cooking, baking, social work or anything related to your field, anything that you are crazy about or gives you butterflies in your stomach. There are plenty of online tutorials available for almost everything in this world.  Do something now!

You just need to take time out for yourself. Life is not about making money, it’s about being in love with yourself all over again and with whatever you do. Don’t be a slave to your responsibilities.

As this night changed my life, maybe tomorrow can bring out a new ray of hope for you. Think about it!


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