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Mommy’s Day Out at the Amethyst Spa by Roohi


Mommy’s Day Out at the Amethyst Spa by Roohi


Getting manicure and pedicure is a standard routine, which I usually follow once a month or in two months. Being  mommy of a hyper-active 3-year-old is a difficult task where you don’t get time for yourself at all. But sometimes, I do try to squeeze out some time for myself for a pampering session.

As a mother and a part time blogger, I spend most of my day running after my little one and that too without shoes which leads to dirty and rough feet. On the other hand, I have to keep them clean and well maintained whenever I go out, as people wouldn’t want to see a beauty blogger with mismanaged feet 😉 Hence a manicure and pedicure is necessary once a month.

Taking care of your hands and feet is a part of your personal hygiene and care, just like you take care of your facial skin. This is why, it is mandatory for all the ladies, especially mothers, to get manicures and pedicures whenever they have time or whenever the need be.

Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure:

Mentioning some of the benefits of  manicure and pedicure is necessary as most of us are unaware of them. The massaging of hands and feet during the process increase the blood flow in our body. The moisturizing of nails helps in their healthy growth, glow and flexibility. Same goes for the pedicure; removing the dead skin is necessary and scrubbing it off makes them more even and beautiful. It prevents the buildup of germs in the toe nails and takes care of brittle and ingrown nails.

Most of the time, I go for a regular manicure and pedicure which most of the spas offer in Karachi. These are the ones that usually include using the scrub, moisturizer or bleach and the cleaning the cuticles. I never usually ask which products they are using, as I used to automatically assume that a good spa must be using good quality products.

But how wrong was I (sigh!!) I did not know how important it is to have a complete know how of the products, a spa is using and the basic cleanliness routine they are following.

The Spa Tour:

I recently heard about the OPI ProSpa Manicure and Pedicure at Amethyst Spa by Roohi and couldn’t wait to try it out. Finally on my recent visit to Karachi, I went there to check out the difference between the OPI ProSpa mani pedi and the traditional one.

Amethyst Spa by Roohi is located at D-67, Clifton Block 4, Karachi which is quite a convenient location and you can find it easily. The Spa consists of all the services any competent salon would offer, in fact the spa service they are offering like the Jacuzzi and Sauna bath are not offered by most of the spas in K-Town. The decor was minimilistic yet classy. It was spacious with different rooms for different services.

The staff was very courteous and gave me a tour of the whole spa. The room for OPI ProSpa Mani and Pedi was separate where they had comfortable massagers/relaxers with dim lights so that you can relax while having the treatment. I realized that this is more like a luxury manicure pedicure where you go a notch up to make the client feel a little more pampered.

The OPI ProSpa Method and Experience:

The staff sterilized all the equipment in front of me before starting the procedure which was the best part as we are usually unaware of the fact how important it is to use the clean equipment. Dirty equipment can lead to severe diseases and can spread them from one person to another.

They placed my feet into warm water and added some foot soak to it to soften the dead skin. I relaxed while both the girls pampered me by giving hand and foot massage with perfect pressure, cutting and cleaning the nail cuticles.  The scraper they used was very soft and effective and they changed the top part of it right in front of my eyes. It didn’t hurt my feet and took off all the dead skin. They used almost 8-9 different OPI products for hands, feet and nails which was quite unique as each was used for a different purpose. The amount of effort they made was impeccable and the whole procedure lasted for almost one hour. I chose my favorite Hot Pink OPI nail color which they applied with proper care and made sure that I didn’t chip it off which I usually do after ten to fifteen minutes of nail color application.

My Verdict and the Result:

The OPI ProSpa Manicure and Pedicure at Amethyst Spa by Roohi costs Rs. 2600/- if you opt for both the services and if you want it separately, then manicure is for Rs. 1400/- and pedicure is Rs. 1600/- It means that it is a bit cheaper if you opt for both of them. Most of the salons are offering a regular Mani and pedi for this price so I will definitely go for this one next time also. It is a complete package and offers more comfort, quality and luxury than the regular ones. You can gift this luxury service to your loved ones also on their birthdays and special occasions.

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