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Little Chit Chat over a cup of Coffee with Summaiya Younus – The owner of Endulgence


Little Chit Chat over a cup of Coffee with Summaiya Younus – The owner of Endulgence


Women weave magic, be it house chores or business. There is no doubt that they have the prowess of a tigress and sheer determination to prove their mettle in any field they get their hands on. Owing to the way women are excelling in the field of “Entrepreneurship”, Fashion Live has started its own series of #Wompreneurs to empower such brave girls. This series of interviews acknowledging women entrepreneurs in Pakistan is meant to honor the small steps taking every day by starting their own ventures. We hope that this series will enlighten the world with the hardships of these super women as well as motivate them to start something new from their home. 
Due to unavailability of many foreign brands in Pakistan, a trend of online makeup pages has started, which has made it easier for a lot of makeup junkies like me to get their hands on the latest products. But, on the other hand, some of them charge almost double the price that makes it unaffordable for many of us.
But, Summaiya Younus, the owner of Endulgence, is not one of them. Endulgence is one of the famous and authentic makeup selling websites/Facebook pages of Pakistan. This is why we managed to have a little chit chat with her when she came to Karachi for vacations. Let’s see what Summaiya has to say about all of this.

Tell us a little about your personal and professional life.

I was a housewife and now an entrepreneur. This was not really a profession because I loved makeup and whenever I bought it for myself, I used to buy it for my friends and family also. Sometimes I sold it for a little more than the original price and sometimes I would sell it at cost price. I shifted to London 3 years ago and that’s when this idea popped in. Fortunately, I have a knack of knowing the products that will sell more in Pakistan. I’m not a makeup guru, I’m not aware of the ingredients but somehow I manage to get hold of the Best Sellers.

How did you conceive the idea of ‘Endulgence’? Why did you choose this name?

Few years ago, we went for Hajj and at that time I brought some makeup products to sell and try this out as a business. After coming back I realized that my costs were high and the investment was even higher. I didn’t want to be the expensive one in the market. I spoke to my husband about this and we decided that let’s make it work. When I came back, I got a few orders from London. I took those orders at a very minimal price and that’s how it started.

In the beginning, I was struggling with the name. I am a bit style conscious, so I wanted a classy name. My husband wanted me to name it after my daughters, Erina and Elisa. So I knew that I wanted something with E. Finally after several late night musings, I came up with “Endulgence” which means craving and quench and people do crave to buy makeup.

Where do you buy your makeup from?

We buy from both UK and the US. It comes through a proper logistics and shipping channel, and we get it delivered to Karachi. We have to pay accumulated charges, which include taxes, shipping, insurance and consolidation charges.

How has your experience in running the business been different from what you expected?

In the beginning, I made a few mistakes as I was a newbie. When I started, there was a Sephora sale going on and being a fresher, I quoted really low and messed up big time with prices. It was a big loss that I had to bear, I bought everything on full price and sold them on the sale price. Then eventually people who bought from me, started reordering because they knew that I stick to my words and commitment.

Tell us something about your competitors and the market trends?

I came up with the idea of subscription boxes a long time ago. Recently, a controversy erupted on a Facebook group and girls were literally fighting over on who came up with this idea. The fight went so overboard that all the makeup page owners went against me and started bashing. I didn’t even know many of them, and I being the reactive person had to reply. In my opinion, speaking badly about competitors is not justifiable. The competition should be positive and you need to go easy on it.  If you are lucky enough, you will get only 2 orders but they will be the big ones.

On the other hand, I really don’t get the point when some makeup pages charge so low. How can they earn when they can’t even justify their prices? Charging only Rs. 100/- extra for so much hassle? I’m not really concerned about what they are selling, but there is something fishy for sure. Due to them, customers think that we are expensive. If they would check the original prices only then they would know.

How do you differentiate yourselves from other makeup pages?

I choose to believe at times that I started a few trends. Like I used to send loyalty gifts to my customers, and then others also started sending them. I started gifting free samples, some pages actually sell those free samples. I was one of the two facebook page owners who launched the website, and after that I saw many people following the same trend. I was the one who started reviewing products on Snapchat unlike other makeup sellers who are selling their products on Snapchat. People started looking out for my reviews.

One thing you hate about being a makeup seller?

I also mentioned on one of the Facebook groups that if the clients and makeup artists have a right to complain on these groups, then why can’t the sellers do that? We listen to a lot of stories, where we get labelled as super expensive, people who are not even our clients’ just label us as expensive. They should know that no one works for free. Even if we are not investing a lot, we are investing our precious time and efforts. Customers should understand this and take it into account. I never charge more as it is against my morals and principles.

How do you deal with customers who back track after ordering?

I am very cautious now. For pre orders, we only trust our oldies. For newcomers, we charge 100% advance. even if they back out sometimes I am not worried as I can always sell it off or use them.

Your hot selling products?

These are few of our hot selling products:

Any advice for the newbies out there who are willing to start a business?

Not easy, lots of money involved and you should know what you are doing.

If we look into your purse right now, what are the 3 things we will find?

A lip paint by Stila or Sephora, Becca Opal highlighter and Watts Up by Benefit.


1. Favourite perfume: Ellie Saab

2. Favourite Foundation: Hourglass, Illamasqua and L’oreal Infallible Satin

3. Handbag Essentials: Hand Sanitizer, Makeup pouch, Cards and Sunglasses

4. Favourite Holiday Spot: As a couple, Greece and as a family, USA or Paris

5. Favourite Mascara: Too faced, Better than Sex


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