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Fashion Live, a subsidiary of ThunderBolt Media, organized the Bloggers Meet and

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IN FOCUS: Fashion Live Bloggers Meetup By BioDerma In Islamabad

Fashion Live, a subsidiary of ThunderBolt Media, organized the Blogger...

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Skin care regime to look for in drooping season!

Winter affects our skin due to temperature drop, indoor heating and lower air humidity. Result is dry, dehydrated skin with itchiness and redness. It makes your complexion dull and dry that lasts until spring.

Here we have some best tips to make your skin glow and shine even in the cold weather.


1. Change your cleanser

In summer when sweat and sebum is an issue, foaming cleansers feel great but in winter when things are way too dry, it is better to switch your cleanser to a creamier one. Cream cleansers are ideal for winter because you can just wipe them off with a cotton ball, you do not have to rinse them. In winter, not using water can be better as water can strip the skin. Cetaphil Cleanser is very effective and can give the desired result. But the Face Polish Cleanser that I have been using this winter is The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Polish Body Cleanser. You can check out the details on the link below:

You can easily find it in any outlet of Body Shop in Pakistan.

2. Moisturize More

As the weather conditions change, you should change your skin care routine too. Use an oil-based moisturizer, rather than water-based. Because oil based moisturizer will create a protective layer on the skin that maintains more moisture than a cream or lotion. Always look for "non-clogging" oils; like avocado oil, mineral oil or almond oil. The moisturizer that has been helping me this winter is the Body Shop's Vitamin E Day and Night Creams. They nourish my skin with essential oils and my skin feels rejuvenated when I wake up in the morning. I also use the Overnight Vitamin E Oil Serum along with the night cream. You can find these products over here:

3. Slather on the Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not only for summertime. In winter sun can combine with snow glare, will damage your skin. Try using a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face and your hands. Try to apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply the sunscreen if you stay outside a long time. I found the best sunscreen when I went to the US this year and it helped me in protecting my skin from the sun damage. It is Coppertone Sport 100 SPF which is a cream based sunscreen. It helped me in reducing the sun tan and the sun rashes that I experienced for the first time while travelling. You can check out the details of the product over here:


4. Give Your Hands a Hand

The skin on your hands has fewer oil glands than most parts of your body and is thinner too. That means in cold, dry weather, it will be more difficult to keep your hands moist, this can result in itchiness and cracking. When going out Wear gloves; try to wear a thin cotton glove first to avoid any irritation the wool may cause.

5. Don’t use wet Gloves and Socks

Wet socks and gloves can not only cause flu in winter but will also irritate your skin. This irritation can cause itching, redness, or even eczema.

6. Hook up the Humidifier

Our home Central heating systems provide hot dry air throughout our homes, shopping malls and offices. Humidifiers help prevent your skin from drying out, as they get more moisture in the air.


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