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IN FOCUS: Fashion Live Bloggers Meetup By BioDerma In Islamabad

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10 Insanely Chic Tricks to Style your Leather Jacket this season!

A huge contributor to our countless reasons of being happy at the arrival of winter season is the fact that we get to flaunt the hottest fashion staple in our wardrobes to a hilt, and that staple is none other than leather jackets. While Pakistan is on the brunt of the hottest weather, those who are running away to cold foreign countries can step up the game.

But the game is actually all about styling the leather jacket. So, feast your eyes on the 10 hottest ways of styling a leather jacket to create some insanely chic looks here!


Keepin’ it casual

Image Courtesy: Be Daze Live, Hello Fashion, In Style.


We all like to keep things casual on the streets, at the mall, or grabbing breakfast early in the morning; so you can just throw on a pair of your favorite denims, head out with your leather jacket on top and explore new, adventurous places.

A formal touch!

Image Courtesy: Blog Lovin’, Style Du Monde, Ecstasy Models.

 If you want to create a formal and sharp look that is also edgy and bold for your summer trip to winters zone, pair up leather jacket with all your formal chiffon blouses, high waist pants, wide legged pants, pencil skirts and sharp blazers.

Never-ending Denim Games

Image Courtesy: Bloody Fabulous Blog, Who What Wear, The Style Shaker.

We all love denims to the end of the world and beyond, and we’ll never stop pairing them up with leather jackets because it’s super convenient and forever trending. You can always pick out skinnies, boot cuts, boyfriend cut or wide leg denims when on vacations. Try to change the look by picking out a different colored denim and jacket to pair each day.

Maxi dress romancing gets truly bold

Image Courtesy: Who What Wear, Blog Lovin’.

Well, for those of who didn’t know, maxi dresses look amazingly hot when paired with leather jackets. You can always pick out cropped jackets, but longer ones really compliment the retro bohemian vibes and rustic aura of the outfit. This is going to be the look of your holidays!

Crop it up girl!

Image Courtesy: Just a Pretty Style, Vogue, Blog Lovin’.

Cropped leather jackets look insanely hot. They really heighten up the oomph in glamour, especially when you’re clever at layering; pair them with leather jeans, fur staples, a bold pop of color, turtlenecks and leather boots. They suit perfectly well on the dressing and ambiance of Island-side countries.

Play it up with a jumpsuit!

Image Courtesy: Blog Lovin’, Harper’s Bazaar, Cara Loren.

If you have a slim bod with your tummy nicely tucked in and abs sexily sticking out, you have all the right reasons in the world to flaunt a jumpsuit. And what better way to pair it up with a leather jacket when partying in some foreign country!

Stack up leather on leather!

Image Courtesy: Who What Wear, Sodafirm, The Styleograph.

Leather on leather is quite possibly the most insanely glamorous trick of pairing a leather jacket especially when you are out and about with your girlfriends. Now, you can always win this game with a jacket and pants paired with leather boots, and a basic tee and a leather bag. A leather dress would also make matters drop dead sexy!

Play up the plaid hon!

Image Courtesy: Be Modish, Blog Lovin’, eHow.

Plaid is the hottest fabric of around the world, so doesn’t matter which country you are vacationing in, we see it making all the right glamour noise when paired up with leather jackets. You can also try out different colors, like a yellow leather jacket with blue plaid pants, or a yellow plaid skirt with black leather jackets. A plaid maxi dress would really steal the show and create an amazing outfit for a night time outing, perhaps a dinner date with friends.

Floral Passions

Image Courtesy: Vogue Spain, Who What Wear

Our breezy floral dresses, which we mournfully pack away in the summer trunks once the chilly season starts, will look amazingly sexy when paired up with sleek leather jackets on your tour of the year. If you want to play up your pastels, pinks and pretty floral dresses, above the knee numbers and floral button downs; a leather jacket would the perfect staple to pair them up with!

Draped Ever so Lightly!

Image Courtesy: Who What Wear, PopSugar Fashion.

Ask me about the coolest and most sensational, movie-starish trick of styling a leather jacket, and I’ll advise you to pair it up with a chiffon blouse, pointy toe heels, and wide leg pants. Drape the jacket ever so lightly and gently around your shoulders, and stroll around like you don’t have a care in the world. But remember that you still have to pack your bags and go to the freakishly hot Pakistan once again! *Sighs*


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